Day 9 - Thunderbolt to Beaufort, South Carolina goodness.... you have to see what awaited us at our boat early this morning courtesy of Thunderbolt Marine. I now recall that someone mentioned this little perk recently. Now we're talking!

We started our day with a quick bridge not 5 minutes in to our journey... nice and tall. aaaah.

We started out this morning just before low tide and boy you can really see the significance of tidal change around here. Mud flats - yuk!

Yet, there is some civilization around here... Aren't these two pretty?

The weather this morning is calm and quiet but mostly overcast and cloudy in spots. It's Sunday morning.... everyone is either in church or still in bed.

Around 11am we pass Daufuskie Island's Haig Point. We remember going over there many years ago with Bruce's Dad. Cool Island!

And the ever famous Harbour Town Lighthouse and golf holes....

The day, however, is going downhill fast. The skies are growing stormier and the air is getting cooler. It  is VERY windy. It's the kind of Sunday you want to stay at home and watch movies or football. It is not a nice Sunday here on the waterway in South Carolina. Luckily, it's approaching 2pm and we are just about to arrive at our destination for the day and for the next 3 weeks or so. We are putting the boat in at Port Royal Landing Marina in Beaufort so we can fly up to Philadelphia on Tuesday. Tomorrow we clean everything up, close up and pack our things and Maggie for an early taxi to Savannah Airport onTuesday morning. It's almost Devon Horse Show time...Sue needs to get to work! Though, as anyone knows, she/I have actually been working from the boat for a good moonth or more already.

This is Port Royal Landing where our Silver Bay will have some much deserved rest time. Stay safe little one.

I may be back later with a few words. But, if not, I will see one and all in a few weeks when we resume the adventure!