Day 8 - Walhberg Creek to Thunderbolt GA

Anchors up this morning at a leasurely pace. Our plan for the day is such that we can't get out to early. We need to catch some of our route today at specific tidal levels. I'll explain shortly.

We're running in the pilothouse again today. Those pesky bugs are still out. Thankfully, in smaller numbers, but enough to prefer indoors.

After getting on our way we traverse a section of St. Catherine's Sound. Here you can see the waves we enjoyed. Maggie didn't love it, but it was just for a little while. Trust me, they are much bigger for real than pictures show.

While meandering around one bend we see all "hell" break loose--- a poker run! We heard some far-away chatter on the radio saying something about "poker" so we thought we might see them. Lo and behold, here come 6 or 7 litte speed boats roaring around a little grassy knoll and flying past us. YEEEHAW! Seriously, that is what one of them yelled at us as they went flying by.  For those of you who don't know this phenomenon, as I understand it, speed boats have these fun games wherein they sorf-of "race" to specific locations to collect playing cards, collecting 5 in all. Then they compare them at the end of the day to declare a "winner". They say it is not a "race" game  but a "game of chance". Either way, it actually sounds like fun!

(not a great picture, sorry. They were going so fast this is the only one that wasn't blurry!)

Next we came across a section aptly named "Hell Gate". Interesting place. The name is reasonably appropriate. Very sharp turns and very shallow sections.  As I mentioned earlier, this is why we had to time our day. We needed to reach "Hell Gate" at 1/2 tide or better. We hit it about 2/3 tide so we were glad we planned ahead. Though we understand it was recently dredged so we really had no real problems with depth today. The interesting part was that it was just west of Ossabaw Sound so we had some serious wind and current hitting us broadside. We were fine though. Two pairs of eyes on the binocs are a real necessity to catch those important markers.

A little later in the day the wind started picking up big time. Coming from the east it brought us some serious white caps. This was in-land, nowhere near the ocean or a sound. We're estimating around 20 knots at this point. We are so glad we didn't take on an ocean run today!

Then...halelujah! This part of Georgia has houses and PEOPLE!

This picture is of the mouth of the muscially famous "Moon River". It's the real deal, I kid you not.

At the end of the day we came around a few bends in the waterway to find a very pretty and popular marina we have heard about here.

Another Krogen named "Cloverleaf" that we met this morning and coincidentally shared the Wahlberg Creek anchorage with last light pulled in here as we kept going on to Thunderbolt.


Isle of Hope also had some friendly kayakers who were gawking at our beautiful boat. Imagine how huge we looked from down there!

And along this area which is a suburb of Savannah we see more beautiful Georgian waterfront homes.

Last but not least, our home for the night - Thunderbolt Marina.

It's much bigger than this picture shows but I was too busy prepping my lines and fenders to take more pictures. oh well.