Day 6 - day of rest in Brunswick

After 5 straight full days we decided to take a day off. We needed to decompress. And it was a good thing we did. As it turns out we had to take care of a little urgent paperwork having to do with the sale of Bruce's mom's house. So we found ourselves a notary and a fed ex box and "took care of business". Of course, we had to explore Brunswick a bit to find what we needed s so we saw scenes like this:


We were amazed at the enormity of Brunswick Landing Marina. It boasts 318 slips! It was HUGE! It was long and narrow and seemed to go on forever. It was a perfect place for a day of rest.


Brunswick is a beautiful little town. Being the county seat, it has lots of court buildings, governmental offices, and lots and lots of lawyers. Everywhere we looked, there were offices for lawyers. It was, indeed, one of these lawyers that served as our friendly notary. He was quite the southern gentleman.

One of the other "odd" things we did to day was take a moment to reflect on our experiences to date. One little thing we thought youmight get a giggle out of.... One day recently, not sure when, Bruce got this cute little bruise. He thought you might enjoy knowing that not only is commissioning not for sissies neither is boating in general. The funny part? He has no specific recollection of when he got this....

At the end of the day, we enjoyed yet another perfect sunset. We had a delicious dinner on the back "porch" and tried out our new grill for the first time. We also enjoyed meeting some friendly marina neighbors. It was a perfect night.

 tomorrow? we're off and running again. This time, we are ready and anxious to get going.