The last of Commissioning - April 2012

OMG! I am so sorry to have been away for so long. We have been out of WIFI for quite a while and are just now getting it up for real. Let me tell you what all we have been doing.

So, guess what? Commissioning a boat is NOT for sissies! We have been so incredibly busy. Everyday we’ve either been on the boat doing stuff with one contractor or another, learning all the systems with Gregg and training on handling and docking with him, or we have been out all over town procuring supplies – provisioning, finding extra parts, fine-tuning “stuff” for the living spaces. Of course, an hour to take Maggie (the dog) to daycare has taken a lot of our time as well. But it is so much easier having her not here when work is being done and hatches are open etc… It has been so much fun but so busy as well. A time which we thought a week would be more than enough has taken almost 2 weeks of incredibly busy days. West Marine and Home Depot have been common stops. We are so glad we came down here as early as we did!

here are some pictures of all the decorative touches we have to date. She's really showing some character.

our lovely back cockpit with our new teak furniture and what a view!

we also have this view:

and finally this view as well...

Here is what we have done with some the interior areas:

So, I also wanted to tell you about the WIFI thing. The system that Martek has installed is amazing and is able to detect signals for really long distances but many of those connections are of such poor quality (them not us) that we cannot get reliable internet service. So, we went to Verizon Wireless and picked up a MYFI. Now we can connect easily and reliably. It’s a perfect solution. I am sure we will be able to connect through other marinas as we move around on the waterway but now we have something that we can really depend on wherever we are. Plus, with a MYFI, we can connect all our devices – laptops, ipads and cell phones. This geek is now a very happy lady and Bruce has a 100% functioning office.

We are almost ready to begin the journey north. A little more training and confidence is all that is necessary.

I will leave you today with one last picture of our beautiful boat as she stood a few days ago.....