More Commissioning

As we have been sitting around at home moping because time seems to have stopped dead in its' tracks, apparently much work has been done. Yahoo! Thanks to Gregg Gandy for keeping us in the loop.

Here is what the caprail stripe looks like..... though it is hard to see clearly, the stripe is a beautiful deep navy blue.

Also, something we missed at first.... the window textilene is in! All the pilothouse windows have external testilene on them. Dont they look fantastic! And the radar arch is in, too! So pretty!


Here is what the pilothouse name plates look like now..... and a close up on the textilene panels.

And, finally, the stern name.... nice font, huh? We LOVE it!

By the way, going with the navy color scheme, the outline on the name here and above is actually in navy as well.

 We'll be back soon as soon as there's more........