March 2012

She’s here!! Right on schedule just like they said she would be. We even got a live web link that allowed us to  watch her transit the Panama Canal. Really Cool!

We missed the first freighter on which Silver Bay was originally scheduled to cross the Pacific. The carrier overbooked their space so we got bumped. It pushed the trip back about a week but the good thing was the new carrier came into Port Everglades which is only a ten hour motor south of Stuart. The end result, we only lost about 3 days. That worked for us!

The pictures you see here are of the off loading process and KKY’s Gregg Gandy getting her ready for the trip to Stuart. We have gone from Jim Roos to Tom Button and now to Gregg. We have indeed been well represented. Better yet, each step of the way we have made a new friend.



Splash down! Hold on Gregg.....

Here she's moving away from Port Everglades on the journey to Stuart.

Gregg will take her to the Four Fish Marina where the commissioning process will take place. That's the part where all the little things that will make Silver Bay "ours" will magically happen. Time frame for her to be complete is 4-8 weeks. We feel like eleven year old kids on Christmas Eve only it’s the movie “Groundhog Day”. This will take forever and we wanted it yesterday.


 Here is Gregg's arrival into Four Fish Marina in Stuart....ahhhh. home......



 That's all for now, folks. More to come as soon as we have something.

Now will someone out there please, pretty please put the calendar into fast forward!