Late March into April 2012 - Commissioning

Hi all! We're back again with more news.....

The first picture you see has a great story behind it. We went to the Kadey-Krogen open house in March of 2011 to see the new 48 AE for the first time. That day we signed the purchase agreement and it also happened to be Sue’s birthday. Everyone at KKY thought this was really cool and knowing we wanted a spring delivery exactly one year later they wanted to deliver her on Sue’s birthday once again. Well, it’s Sue’s birthday again but we couldn’t find a ribbon large enough. She settled for texting her twin sister and asking what she got for her birthday!! I bet you can guess who won that contest!


Now that Silver Bay is safely at "home" at Four Fish Marina, the commissioning process has begun.

While we were in Stuart this trip we stayed for a full week. It was awesome! We spent as much time on Silver Bay as we could without being too disruptive to the electronics installations going on. Leaving to go back to the hotel each evening was not easy....... but boy were we busy!

We met with the carpet lady to get that started, the painters to arrange a beautiful stripe just below the caprail, the people who will be painting the name on the stern, we selected and arranged for the dinghy, we decided on which colors for all the canvas- the cushions, various equipment covers, and bumini,  final electronics decisions were made, and we shopped 'till we dropped! We bought all the live-aboard things we will need when she is all ready for us to move in. At one point we bought so much stuff, the credit card company shut us down with concerns about fraud. A nice conversation with them, in the mall parking lot by the way, squared that nonsense away! So, we still spent more! Galley supplies, bedding, office stuff, furniture for the cockpit - you name it, we probably bought it!

Alas, the week came to an end and we had to go home. But have no fear, we'll be back soon with more NEWS!