Trawler Training - Feb 2012

 At about the time our beautiful new boat was loading up for her trip to us stateside, we took on some one-on-one trawler training with Captains Chris and Alyse from Captain Chris Yacht Services in Vero Beach, FL. What a wonderful time we had! We learned so much and really enjoyed ourselves, too. Chris and Elyse were so patient with us and helped us learn in the way we learn best- hands on. They never once gave up on us. We highly recommend them and plan to seek out their services again soon.

Here are some pictures from our training days with them:

At the beginning of our adventure aboard Sandy Hook the first day.

Our first moments out on the water with Chris who keeps a close watch - more on us I suspect than anything else.



Don't worry--- we're not actually alone up there for long.



Engine room lessons. It was an interesting fit for all 3 of us. Chris took the picture wedged in the corner.



Though you can't see us going through we learned a lot about bridge crossings and the current changes associated with narrow openings. This was a really tricky one.

On our last morning we took on a pre-dawn experience. It was quite a lesson seeing what is is like to be underway in the dark. Alyse took this stunning sunrise picture later in the morning as we were motoring along toward home.



One of the little friends we met along the way.


Sue and Alyse just hangin' out.....


Here I am practicing a little line work on the dock pilings.


And some more practice throwing lines.....


At the end of our fabulous adventure with smiling faces and happy hearts. Thanks to Chris and Alyse we had a wonderful time and learned a ton of good stuff!


To see more about Chris and Alyse visit them at