Alligator River to Belhaven, NC

We did indeed stay at Alligator River for 2 nights. We did some household chores, some quick maintenance tasks, and (for me) finally got caught up on this blog. We indulged in a real breakfast on our morning off. I made some lovely french toast and some yummy bacon! In  the evening, we enjoyed some Americana-filled good home cookin' at Miss Wanda's little Shell Station/Marina Restaurant. I particularly enjoyed the fried chicken!

This little stopover is really quite a unique experience. At first glance, you think "huh?" But... It is, basically, a Shell station on a busy road leading to/from a long bridge that also has a mini-mart, grill/restaurant (kind-of), and little gift shop (corner) and a marina. It blends so many purposes and does so reasonably well. The best part - an extremely friendly group of people do their utmost to meet your every need. 

This is what it all looks like:

Our second morning, just before leaving around 7:30 we awoke to a stunning morning - completely crisp clear skies, low wind and a beautiful sunrise.


We begin our day with a quick bridge opening... It's a swing bridge.

In the Alligator River, we traverse yet another of the myriad of crab pot "fields". This one, thankfully, is actually out of the channel (for a change!).

We pass statute mile marker 100...we thought it looked interesting, that's all....

And the mouth of the Alligator River-Pongo Canal....

Then the Pungo River... as it widens out.... we start to see evidence of habitation! It's a beautiful place on a beautiful day. It's the first nice day we've had in quite a while.

Our stopover for the evening is just outside of Belhaven, NC. It is called Dowry Creek Marina and it is rather a beautiful and quiet place. We are in nice and early but are told there are 5 more boats expected by the end of the day.