Solomons to Deltaville

We awake to another cold morning, cloudy and dreary. We forsee a 7 hour motor today into Deltaville. We are enjoying a moderate sea at 3 feet but fortunately it is a following sea so we are running so smoooothly.

We're not sure what all these radar dishes are but we've decided that we really don't think we want to know. Quantico is not far away and the less we know the better (if you know what I mean). It was certainly interesting though.

Then we pass Point No Point Lighthouse...what a name! But it is so pretty.

The sea condition is increasing dramatically with deeper swells as we pass the mouth of the Potomac River. We really are rocking now!

Though we are still enjoying mostly a following sea, the waves are increasingly "confused" so they start coming from many directions and are unevenly timed. We "goose" the engines up a bit to try smooth out the ride. It helps some.... We also enjoy a bump of 1 knot from the current exiting the Potomac so it was kind of cool ...we actually passed 3 boats! That is not a frequent occurance so we enjoy it while we can If we're going to burn some fuel, we might as well enjoy the process!

Now that we are finally in Virginia we actually think we can feel the air getting warmer. I know, we're dreaming! It is still raw and cold. Here is the beautful sunset we enjoy over Deltavville, VA. Maybe tomorrow it will be warmer!