Fernandina Beach, FL to Jacksonville, FL

We stayed in Fernandina Beach for 3 nights because we had heard what a lovely place it is and we really wanted to check it out. Unfortunately, the first day was kind of yucky becuse it was cold and rainy, yet again. We walked around town a bit and explored. It really is such a great town. Lots of shops and more restaurants that we though possible. We had dinner out all 3 nights and enjoyed each one thoroughly. The weather improved a bit each day we were there but most of the time it was quite windy.

Another cool "thing" happened while we were in Fernandina, an impromptu Krogen rendezvous happened! We've been told that whenever 2 or more Krogens are together in a marina it is considered a "rendezvous"....so... since we had 3 boats docked in right next to or across from one another, we declared it an official "rendezvous"! We had (us) "Silver Bay", "Serenity" and Chez Nous" all at the end of the dock together. We did a little cocktail thing on our boat and had ourselves such a great time!

Here we are..... well, most of us. MiJong graciously took the picture so you have to just imagine her there... and, sorry Bunny, your jacket had a logo that reflected so I did my best amateur job to fix it.

Then, the next day, not very long after "Serenity" had to move on.... (oh yes, you guessed it!).... Aquila came sliding along and docked in right along with us. The rendezvous was slightly redefined but continued the following night, when we all went out to dinner and had another wonderful time getting to know one another. As the newbies to the "group", we had such a great time! We had never experienced an impromptu waterway "rendezvous" before. The dock people kept referring to us as the "Krogen dealership" that's how we looked!

(sorry, I was having so much fun, I forgot to take a picture. For shame!)

The following morning, we all slid on out around 7am to move on our merry way. This was the beautiful sunrise.....

And here is how beautiful the day was....

with "Chez Nous" just ahead of us in the morning light....

Aquila and Chez Nous were off to St. Augustine and we stopped in at Jacksonville for the time being. We are stopping here to fly home for a while and do the holiday thing, among other "stuff". We will be back sometime after the New Year to continue on our great adventure.

Until then, my friends, we wish one and all Happy Holidays! We will see you sometime in the New Year!