Brunswick to Fernandina Beach, FL

We were very excited today anticipating that we were finally going to enter warm and sunny Florida! We did another ocean run and the conditions today were even calmer than they were a couple of days ago. The day started out mostly cloudy and a touch foggy but as the day progressed, it warmed up and cleared up. We actually spent the latter part of the day outside (yes!) on the flybridge for the first time since we can't remember when.

I was facinated by this shrimper in "working mode" because the birds just came from every direction and overcame the whole area around the boat. This boat's name was "Captain Jack".

We saw lots and lots of dolphins today. Since it was so incredibly calm we could actually see them from great distances. Sorry, no pictures, they were too shy or far away to capture.

Here is an example of how incredibly calm is was today.. it was truly ike glass.

Here we are at the end of the day, coming into Fernandina Beach, FL. So far, Florida is definitely looking very nice....