Beaufort, SC to Savannah, GA

Our second day with BJ and Amy visiting, we cruise on to Savannah, GA. It's the first time either has been on the boat when we've actually gone somewhere. It is a beautful sunny day - again - YEAH! Our trip here is quiet most of the way. We see mostly marshland until we get close to civilization - AKA Hilton Head and its' environs. As we pass by Hilton Head, I catch a shot of the lighthouse in the distance:

We also spot the Haig Point Ferry passing rather closely by:

 As we merge into the Savannah River and into the city/port of Savannah, our view changes:

A good portion of Savannah has a "riverwalk" that spans a good distance in length. It's very picturesque.

As we walked around Savannah, we enjoyed a distinctly southern colonial style of housing....

And, as we relaxed at the marina, we enjoyed some real entertainment on the river going by.

Lots of Tugs:

Commercial ships and tour boats....

Santa even went by on Friday morning... The river boat was "tooting" jingle bells on its' horn: Hi Santa!

A little extra note must be made here.

In previous posts, I have referred to the "presence" of commercial traffic from time to time. Most of our experiences (so far) have been while in relatively large bodies of water, for the most part. But what we experienced while docked in at Savannah, was a commerical "presence" in a much, much more intimate way. The Savannah River at the city dock is very narrow from side to side. Yet, giant ships of every imaginable size and shape continuously rolled by - 24/7. Seriously, all day and all  night long. I would be asleep, only to hear a low rumble passing by and then a big roll of the wake it left behind. ALL NIGHT LONG! It almost seemed that there was more traffic at nighttime when all the pleasure boats were long ago docked for the night. They were so close, if I looked out the window or port light I couldn't see the top of the ship unless I went outside. It was like Manhattan was floating by. See what I mean?

We enjoyed a lovely dinner on our evening in town at a place called "Vic's on the River". It was a recommendation we found online and through the nice guy at the Marina. They were all right on with the recommendation. It was a spectacular dinner! BJ and Amy went out for a llittle while after, did some shopping for themselves and we all had a lovely evening.