Georgetown,SC to Charleston, SC

We began the day again chilly and gray but... it's "supposed to get sunny later. Again, we wait and see. Here we were in the Esterville Canal.

Most of what we saw early in the day was duck hunters. Everywhere. Here their boats had on what we called "hula skirts". We had such fun chuckling at them. As non-hunters, we thought they looked ridiculous. I am sure they were very serious about it, though.

This is the kind of "terrain" we saw most of the day.

The waterway through here is unusually deep for its "normal" depth apparently. We can see the result. The markers look disproportinally short and kind of silly. Naturally, we are thrilled by this. The "normal" depths are in the range of 6' (very shallow for us) but today they are reading consistently at 10'-15'.  Woohoo!

We did pass this rather unusual looking boat. Isn't it an "odd duck"? It's name? Diesel Duck. How appropriate.

A bit later on, we ran across another rather unusual sight. This pair of connected canoes actually had a small square sail when we saw it from a distance. By the time I got close enough to take a picture, they had already lowered and rolled up the sail. As we approached we could see a flag on the mast "Davidson" which we assume is the "Davidson College" in North Carolina. This crew was all women and very friendly. Way to go ladies! Sail on!

Soon we were greeted by a couple of watery friends. This little lady was up for a "head shot". Well, hello, miss dolphinia....

Here we are coming in to Charleston Harbor.

And in to Charleston Harbor Marina for the next few days. The current through here is seriously rippin'! So I need to focus on other matters right now. This docking is going to be a doozy!