Charleston to Beaufort

Need I say it again? It's not actually raining but gray, chilly...... bye bye Charleston. We had a fun visit but, just like many other towns before you, in November, your weather sucks. Sorry, no offense intended, we need warm air and SUNSHINE! We move onward....

The waterway through which we will travel today has lots of places where close watching and very careful navigation are required. There is a lot of shoaling, a couple of missing markers, and some seriously sharp turns in the channel. It will require continual vigilance. Two pair of eyes at all times.

The day clears up arounf noontime and becomes just lovely. It is so refreshing to see the sun again!


These are the kind of views we see most of the day... pretty much the same as the picture above, huh?

We are still experiencing very high water conditions. And, we are still reaping the benefits on the ole' depth meter.

While we are in Beaufort, we enjoy the visit of our grown children for a few days and enjoy Thanksgiving as a family. Luckily, the weather is on a nice sunny streak - for 2 whole days! Though the temps remain rather cool, the sun is out in full glory. So, Amy finds a nice warm sunny spot inthe lee of the wind. Now she's got the right idea!

And, here BJ is enjoying some turkey, as we all are....

We went all out in cooking a full scale Thanksgiving dinner with all the expected trimmings. It was delicious and the day was enjoyed by one and all. Thanks so much, guys, for coming to visit with us!