Charleston, SC

Remember yesterday when I said we explected a "challenge" docking? Well, that doesn't even come close to describing what we experienced. The turn past the breakwater into the marina went fine, then a second sharp turn, then as we started to spin in the fairway to bring ourselves in stern to, that's when the current just plainly overpowered us. We had to seriously slam the engines just to counteract the current. Thrusters were absolutely useless. We did dock in just fine, thank gooness, we were just bow to instead. And.... we were darned happy to be in any which way we could! We agreed on one thing....,. NEVER again! We're going to need a couple of days to recover from this before we can possibly muster the courage to go out "there" again. Bruce did an absolutely amazing job in some incredibly difficult circumstances. Thank you, dear....we live to cruise another day.

Our plan was to spend 3 nights in Charleston, so that would have given us 2 full days to explore. Only, the weather decided to monsoon for the first day in so we could barely get off the boat, nevermind exploring. We do see lots of commercial traffic crusing by in the nearby shipping channel. We saw lots of container ships....

And each night a new cruise ship across the harbor....

The second day, fortunately, was dry enough for us to finally get out and explore Charleston. Our marina was across the harbor, so we had to take a shuttle van over to the city proper. FYI- you can usually take water taxis over but they had just shut down operations on that for the season. Figures.....

In Charleston, we walked and walked all day. We saw beautiful historical homes:

We walked through Battery Park:

We went through the Aquarium, which we loved. Sorry, no picture of that.

Last but not least in the day, we went to Patriot's Point which was immediately adjacent our marina. Here we toured the decommissioned aircraft carrier "Yorktown", the destroyer "Laffey", and the submarine "Clamagore". All were amazing to go through. The life these seamen lived must have been indescribably difficult.

After that, we had a quick dinner and crashed early. We had been walking since 10am and it was close to 6pm. That's a lot of walking! What a wonderful place Charleston is. We are very glad we (at least)  had a full day to explore.