Southport, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC

Once again, we awake to a raw, cold, miserable day. The weather report predicts thunderstorms later today. Goody. Can't wait.

We begin the day with the 6:00 horn from the ferry as it pulls out. By the 7:00 ferry, we are almost ready ourselves.

The waterway is much rougher so far this morning. We begin the day at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Any river whose name has "fear" in it should give us a clue.... no worries, we will soon pass that and things will settle down. This is wha it looks like:

The nice thing though, is that we are benefitting from a nice ride in the current - a full 3 knot boost. Nice!

We pass through this swing bridge:

And safely navigate most of the "rock pile" before we stop over for the night. Here we find some pretty foliage:

Here we are at our marina for the night. Looking forward to a nice dinner at the Ruth's Chris on the property. mmmmmm.