Myrtle Beach to Georgetown, SC

You guessed it..... raw and cold again.... BUT it's "supposed" to get sunny later. Yeah, I'll believe it when I see it.... Here we are leaving the marina.

We begin the day with a bridge opening. We hold up and wait for 2 boats behind us to catch up so we can all pass through together.

Shortly after the bridge we run into some hairy moments to say the least. We are still in a line of 4 boats tucked in kind of closely because of the bridge we just came through. The waterway is very narrow. Suddenly, coming around a blind corner, we see a tug towing a GIANT line of pipe. It was turning the corner in such a way that the lead boat had no warning it was coming. It was so crazy long I had to take 2 pictures.

For those of you why may be wondering about AIS; yes, the first tug did appear on AIS but the second one didn't. And, of course, there was no indication of the length of the pipe. Also, no one announced a "securitay" at any time either. hrmph! They had to have known we were there - at least 2 of us were on AIS.

As if things weren't hairy enough....a double barge came around the corner right behind.... It was very dificult for all of us to hold our positions in so little room. Not fun! Again, NO "securitay" from either vessel!

Fortunately, as they say, "no harm, no foul". We're all just glad to have that out of our way. All we could think of is how incredibly glad we were that this didn't happen when we were in the rock pile! At least where we were was nice and deep even at the sides.

As we enjoy the view in the Waccamaw River.... I love this section...  Egads! The sun comes out! Halelujah!

The waterway also got much wider through this section. And it got brighter and (dare I say it?) warmer. Don't get all excited, it was only 55 degrees at the warmest. Not exactly a heat wave.