Beaufort to Camp Lejeune anchorage

Today we start out with everything soaking wet. We had some rain overnight. All our lines are dripping wet and weigh a ton. The day is partly cloudy to start, but soon give way to more cloud cover. Nonetheless, it is warm and there is no wind once again.

By midday there are some interesting things to look at along the way....


We ran aground at marker 45A in  some mud and silt but were quickly able to untangle ourselves. This was easily within the channel but is a notorious area for shoaling. We were actually relatively prepared.

As we approach the Camp Lejeune area we are happy to see no flashing warning lights so no delay in continuing on our way to the anchorage.... I really do not want to know what it is like when "live firing" is actually going on, thank you very much.

We wait for and pass through the swing Bridge at Onslow Beach. The bridge tender is really such a marine! No doubt about that.

We see more evidence of a military presence.... such cushy housing!

At around 2pm we set anchor. We are the 5th boat in so far.

At around 3 we see some USMC power boats coming in to the boat ramp for the night.

And a short while later, this giant barge with all kinds of miscellaneous equipment aboard goes by the entrance to the anchorage...

All set in for the night, we end up with 12 boats in all to keep us company. No picture, though, by the time they were all in it was too dark to get a usable picture. goodnight....