Belhaven to Oriental, NC

What a beautiful morning....

Perfect conditions, no wind, water like glass, cool but not cold. The weather today is supposed to be much warmer. Someone said something about high 60's. That sounds good to me!

Here we are going out in the morning.

The funny thing about this morning in this bucolic setting in perfect weatheris what I can't depict with a picture....we hear gunshots in the distance. Looks like the duck hunters also think this is a beautiful morning.

We start out the day in the Pungo River, which is wide open and easy to navigate. It's shallow but not problematic. Next we move into the Pamlico River for a short while and then into Goose Creek which is much narrower. A little leter, we briefly enter Pamlico Sound and then turn into the Neuse River. We can actually see the Outer Banks way off to our port. Interesting....we've read that the Neuse River can be one of the "gnarliest" bodies of water around here; not today. It is as calm and quiet as one can imagine.

As we get closer to Oriental we see how it is that Oriental is called the "sailing capital of North Carolina". Here we find some Sunday races going on. Unofrtunately, they have absolutely no wind. On the radio we even hear one boat radio to the committee boat something about a "mutiny" on their hands and going in before it gets ugly. too funny.