Hurricane Sandy

We have spent a good deal of time securing everything down very, very well. We have 7 lines secured to 7 individual pilings in a way that, we believe, will distribute the weight of the boat as evenly as possible. We have bumpers everywhere. We expect to constantly monitor conditions and are prepared to make adjustments on the fly as necessary. This storm is going to be a doozy!

It's about mid-afternoon, and it has been a wild experience so far. The water is not overwhelming us at all, wave action is actually minimal. The current pushes us in all 4 directions but only about a foot in any direction. The wind, though, is indescribable! It just screams and howls like nothing I've ever heard. Sometimes a gust hits and it just slams into us. But, we are holding very very well. No compromises to the lines or the pilings anywhere. We are checking obsessively, I assure you. This floating "home" may be the safest thing to be on! I'd rather this than be under a bunch of trees right now.

Here is what we are seeing so far:

High tide is just about upon us and the docks next door at Oxford Boatyard are now underwater. Both our docks are fixed docks. Theirs are set a good 1/2 foot lower than ours are.

Our docks are still above water level and the pilings are still a good 6 feet above that and continue to hold very strongly. Our lines are all pulling at pretty much the same rate and strength (visually) so it appears that weight distribution is working.

It is about 8pm and we are still doing remarkably well.  According to weather radar, the worst is past us - thank goodness!  The wind is still screaming but it just doesn't feel as scary. I can't take any more pictures becaue of the dark. But, rest assured, we have lights on and are watching every line and every piling very carefully. We are still holding strongly.

It has certainly been a very very long day and I expect this will be a long night as well. I'll report in tomorrow with more details.


Morning has come and we see no damage to us or anyone as far as the eye can see. We will try to get out a bit later to see from land, but for now our docks are just about underwater so we choose to stay put for the time being.

UPDATE #2: excellent news from Ocean City. Our home there has been spared by the sacrifice of 2 dunes on our beach side. The last dune remains along with our bulkhead to protect us in the coming year until the dunes can grow back. We are very very lucky people indeed!

I'll try to report in again later when I can get some pictures.

I'm baaack. I was able to get out and walk around a bit, but not too far as it turns out. The road leading into the marina is completely flooded (see bleow). But, here are some before and after shots I could take:

The road coming into the marina before:

and after:


Sadly, there were 2 boats moored in the river before:

But no boats in the river after:

And, lastly, the side parking lot of the marina before:

And after (from a slightly different angle, sorry):

Well, that's about all from Oxford, MD. Tomorrow we're off to Solomons. See u later.....