St Michael's

Now that we are happily docked in St Michaels....  (ain't she sweet? - by the way, that's a 20' wide slip - that means we had only about 1 foot leeway on either side. Another great docking job by Bruce!)

....we got a chance to walk around and explore.

Here we found adorabe historic homes like this one which was posted circa 1667. This one is named "Tarr House" and is a bed and breakfast. Similar scenes were everywhere we ventured.

Our first evening brought a beautiful sunset:

The next morning we awoke and started exploring more of St. Michaels. What an incredibly charming bay-side town. Quaint shops and restaurants dotted the streets between old colonial homes. First stop, however, was the post office where Bruce mailed our absentee election ballots. Yeah! We felt very good to have that done!

Soon, we came upon and toured all through the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Wow! What a complex of amazing exhibits, some inside, some outside. When you first walk in, it looks to be just a few buildings but no, no, no. It was huge and very very well done. I particularly enjoyed walking through the Hooper Strait Lighthouse. It was moved roughly 40 miles to the museum location in 1966 and painstakingly restored. What a difficult and dangerous life those lighthousemen lived. What an incredible responsibility they shouldered for their fellow mariners.

While we were docked, we had the good fortune to meet some really nice people. We and Maggie first made the aquaintance of another 2 Blenheim Cavaliers and their parents. They all live on an absolutely stunning yacht which is an 80' Marlowe. You can see a bit of it in the sunset picture below and the other sunset picture above. What a breathtaking vessel and such friendly dogs and parents alike. They shared with us some very helpful advise and offered their genuine support for our new adventure. They, too, started out much like we did and remember fondly the early days. 

We also briefly said hello to other Krogenites aboard a Krogen whaleback (also 48') named "Adagio 1". We watched them gracefully come in to the cove as we were walking throught the museum. There is something very distinctive about watching a Krogen coming in. We're not sensitive to that point of view, though, really....we aren't...   ;-)

And, one last look at our day.... we do love the sunsets!