From Baltimore to Annapolis

After traveling back to Philly for about 3 weeks to attend to a series of projects that needed our time and attention, we came on back to Baltimore to make the quick jaunt from Baltimore to Annapolis and really start our trek moving south.

We enjoyed the company of some local friends who joined us on the short day trip on Chesapeake Bay into Annapolis. The day began gray and drizzly but by noon-time bloomed into a stunning afternoon. Summerlike temperatures and sun, baby, sun!

Here we passed by one of the distinctive lighthouses on Chesapeake Bay:

In Annapolis, we spent the weekend and showed our boat in a Kadey-Krogen all-day open house on Saturday. We accompanied a large handful of beautiful Krogens of various sizes - a Camano (can't remember the size), a 39', a 44', our 48', a 52', a 55', and a 58'. I hope I didn't miss anyone! It was well attended and enjoyed by both boat owners and prospective buyers. It was a perfect fall day that just made it all the more fun to be on such beautiful boats.

We also enjoyed some local friends who stayed with us for the weekend and even had dinner with a new guest visiting from the UK!

Sunday, unfortunately, we had to run back home to Philly (again....) to attend to a few meetings on Monday but we were back by midday Tuesday preparing for a take-off Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, in the early evening, my sister and her family accompanied my mom and dad for their first time seeing the boat in real life. Mom and Dad had so faithfully read this blog and enjoyed all the pictures we showed them, but had never had the opportunity to actually see or board the boat themselves. So, with the four of us to assist, and Mom and Dad each in their walkers, we enjoyed a short visit on the boat just as the sun was setting off in the distance. Though it was not a long visit, it was one that was long awaited. I know it meant the world to Mom and Dad to see Silver Bay and we were so glad we could make it happen. Thanks so much to Chris and John for all the effort they put in to getting Mom and Dad to the boat and for making sure no one went overboard!