Summer Recap

So, what did U do this summer? Here is a rough recap of the highlights for us....

As we had planned, boating was not a major priority this summer. Our enjoyment of the boating life is intended to be more of a fall/winter event. So, we had a lovely but mostly land-based summer. Below I recap those things we did do on the boat.

The remainder of June, since I blogged about our journey coming north, was enjoyed with friends at the house on the beach in Ocean City. We cought up with many of our closest friends and had a "whale" of a good time.

In mid-July, we happened to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. So, in fine style, we had a few people in to celebrate with us. We enjoyed a lovey evening on the boat with oysters, shrimp and a bit of some old-fashioned BBQ pulled pork. Though it was a rainy evening, that didn't stop us!

Also in July, we enjoyed an afternoon outing trying to get a water-side view of the Atlantic City Air Show. WOW! Was that a popular idea. The area just ocean-side of Atlantic City was a sea of boats! We had a bit of a snafu with our anchor and one of our passengers was feeling a little green in the ocean conditions, so the outing was short lived. Alas, all was not lost, we came into our dock and spent some fun time having lunch and just hanging out.

Around those occasions, we enjoyed a few evenings with dinner on the boat with friends who came in for the weekend. John Deere did some prop work for us that our original sea trial deemed important. We completed a new sea trial and our "Silver Bay" was once again ready to go.