Off on our first trip South! Longport to Cape May, Cape May to C&D Canal.

So, it is "that" time of year. The summer is sadly coming to an end....and for us that means (woohoo!) back to boat time! Time to do the happy dance.

Our first day coming out of Longport into Cape May was a lovely day, quiet seas....aaaah. A very good start. That evening, we enjoyed a last dinner at the Lobster House but we were very were ready to move on.

Here we shared the ocean run with some seriously large traffic...

The next day had us journeying from Cape May, through the Delaware Bay, and into the C&D Canal. The day started out nice and quiet through the Cape May Canal. Here we are pulling out of Utsch's Marina.

Very shortly, though, as we approached the Delaware Bay we encountered a different experience altogether. The wind was blowing 20-25 knots and coming out of the NW so soon enough we found ourselves rocking along in 8' seas. Though it only lasted about 2-3 hours, it surely tested us. As we came in closer to the lee of land, the seas calmed and so did we! The rest of the day was easy and enjoyable.

Here are some of the neat looking bridges we encountered on our journey through the C&D Canal.

and some of the fall colors that were just starting to bloom:

Shortly after we arrived at our destination (Summit North Marina) we had some surprise visitors -  Jeff and Deb (cousins)  from home who were in the area working on their own boat. What a wonderful visit we had on the most glorious afternoon.