December 2011

We have NEW pictures! yahoo!

Galley - Salon Views

 This picture and the one below it are the latest on the salon settee and galley.


Here is the early makings of the port interior wall in which we will have a TV hidden that lifts up for viewing. cool, huh?

This is also on the port side interior wall, just forward of the tv wall. These cabinets will house galley storage, a wine cooler below and a lighted cabinet above. Though it is covered for protection, the counter top is a beautiful black/white/gray granite counter.

Pilothouse and Stateroom Views

This is the port side map table and a hint of the pilothouse helm station.

These are the pilothouse port side cabinets for electrical and entry upstairs from the salon/galley a few steps below.

The pilothouse settee... so far.

and a larger view across the pilothouse, putting it all together.

The Guest Stateroom/Office - the upper (to be) lighted cabinets....

And... the cabinets/closets...............

And finally..... the desk.

That's the latest.... we'll be back with more soon............