About Us

We are Bruce and Sue Stone. We currently reside in suburban Philadelphia and Ocean City, NJ. Once the boat arrives this spring who knows where we will be!

In the winter? DEFINITELY someplace warm and sunny!

Though only in our early 50's, we consider ourselves collectively "retired". Our "kids" are grown and mostly on their own for Sue and Bruce has retired from teaching science after 31years. That leaves us lots of free time to go off adventuring! 

To see Bruce's retirement speech on youtube

Our Boating Story — short as it is.

We started out building a Rhodes 22 sailboat (the original Silver Bay) a few years ago. We had a blast sailing her around Ocean City. We enjoyed entertaining on her and cocktail cruises through the bay were a lot of fun. But we wanted more. We wanted a boat to really LIVE ON. After a Moorings power catamaran charter in the BVI, as a test-run, the yearning really took hold. We knew what we really needed was a wonderful live-aboard floating home - a "stink pot" as Bruce grew up calling them. So, our beloved original Silver Bay is going back to Lake George to be near her namesake and sail the waters there in the care of those who will love her as much as we do and give her lots of attention and exercize.

So, we had a job to do -- we needed a new boat!

That is where our new Kadey Krogen 48 comes in. Just completed and commissioned May 4, 2012.

Why We Are Here

As many of us have by the age of 50-something,  we have learned the lesson many times over to stop and smell the roses. That is where the desire to adventure into the boating life comes in. We are just so incredibly lucky that we can do it so early in our lives!

Sue, “the Admiral”, is a voracious reader. Bruce, "the Captain", just finished a 31 year career teaching. When we embark on something new, we tend to do a lot of research before moving forward. Boring academics, yes, but this is who we are. So what type of boat? Magazines and web sites were explored. Boat shows were attended. The more we researched the more we realized how little we knew. We understand boating generally, but we knew little about buying or (egads!) building a boat. Everyone was eager and willing to sell us their boat. Most of the time they turned us off by instructing us on how we could use the boat for weekends, days off. We didn't want that, we wanted something more.  Eventually, we realized that what we wanted was not just a boat but a lifestyle. Figure out our lifestyle and the specifics of the boat would follow.

Our goals

  • We wanted to go off on water-based adventures we only ever before imagined.
  • We wanted to meet new people and see new places.
  • We wanted to explore life on the water in all respects - both in marinas and enjoying the tranquility and beauty that anchoring can bring.  Ah yes, floating days and floating nights......
  • We wanted to spend weeks and months onboard -- not days.
  • We also realized that the journey is a process unto itself. We didn’t need to get to places quickly. We wanted the aquatic version of “stop and smell the roses”.


For us, the only type of boat out there that could offer us the lifestyle we wanted was a trawler. Yes, trawlers...... they are slow, they are wide and they are awkward. They are also roomy, comfortable, stable and comparatively economical to run. Trawlers also come with the “rule of three” in their design. We love eachother dearly. We have been together since 1978. How? We give each other independence and space. The only way to achieve that in such close confines of a boat is the “rule of three”. That is, we need at least three separate living spaces for that much needed personal breathing room.  Thus, the trawler qualifies. In fact, Silver Bay has at least five places we can go for personal breathing room and no one has to escape to the engine room!!

Besides, in the current market, there are some BEAUTIFUL trawlers being built and we found the MOST beautiful of them all!

Here she is!

(Kadey Krogen stock photo - not the actual Silver Bay ----YET!)