Welcome to our site.

We originally started this site/blog back in the summer of 2011. It was just before then that we began the process of building a brand new 48 foot Kadey-Krogen Trawler. A "48 AE" to be specific. Since then, a whole new world has been opened to us. We have simply been having the time of our lives!

If you would like to browse posts that discuss the building process, just start at the earliest blog posts which are at the very bottom of the navigation links to the right of this page. If you'd prefer to follow along on some of our journies, pick a few links, also to the right, and read along. If you care to send us a message or comment, please do so as you wish. There are links on each post you read. Most of all, enjoy!


First post ---- sometime on the summer of 2011:

So far our beautiful new Kadey Krogen 48 is still being built. She is expected to be commissioned hopefully  March 2012. Follow along with us as we share all the cool pictures we are being sent from Taiwan. Thank you Tom Button at KKY!

To see all the pictures of what our beautiful new girl will look like, here is a link to the Krogen website and  to see the Kadey Krogen 48 AE virtual tour click here.

So far known as "KK 48-053" ---- translation: Kadey Krogen 48 hull #53.

Her real name will be known as Silver Bay.

 How did we come up with THAT name?

  • First, we got into boating around our 25th anniversary - hence, "Silver".
  • Second, we got married in upstate New York at the Silver Bay YMCA Retreat.

Perfect, right?


Our Boating Story - short as it is

We started out building a Rhodes 22 sailboat (the original Silver Bay) a few years ago. We had a blast sailing her around Ocean City. We enjoyed entertaining on her and cocktail cruises through the bay were a lot of fun. But we wanted more. We wanted a boat to really LIVE ON. After a Moorings power catamaran charter in the BVI, as a test-run, the yearning really took hold. We knew what we really needed was a wonderful live-aboard floating home - a "stink pot" as Bruce grew up calling them. So, our beloved original Silver Bay is going back to Lake George to be near her namesake and sail the waters there in the care of those who will love her as much as we do and give her lots of attention and exercize.

So, we had a job to do -- we needed a new boat!

That is where our new Kadey Krogen 48 comes in. Just completed and commissioned May 4, 2012.

For all the details on how and why we got to this point see  ABOUT US.

For more info on the building process and where we are and what we are doing to date, see our BLOG.